Chirayu Tibet Terrier Zucht und Welpen

Mo Shu Chula

Tibet Terrier R&uumlde Mo Shu Chula auf Felsen liegend in der Abendsonne

Chula comes from the well-known kennel „Mo Shu“ of Beatrix Rose.

He is a dream of a dog with his calm and serene type.

He is very easy to handle as he always ambitioned to please his counterpart. Sometimes he is also able to be a small apple-polisher ;-)

As he is a typical Tibetan Terrier he always wants to take part on everything, however, his sensitive adder also tell him when it is better to leave without attracting attention.

Against strangers he behaves - acoording to the breed standard – reluctant. He is beware for an unknown hand which wants to pat him too fast across his head but does not get aggressive. However, people he knows and likes could not stand his cuddle attacks.

An every evening ritual looks like this: Stefan curls up on the couch and °bingo° Chula pitches on him, halfway on his back and with a look in your eyes he says "Come on, caress me, cuddle me, love meeee !"

Who would be able to resist then?!

But when this happen or master is not available - then Claudia is allowed to be the second choice – even that he is able to put across.